Saturday, February 28, 2009

Very busy Saturday

WOW! Am I glad this day is over. Christopher and I started the day with his final basketball game :(. . . The game ended in a tie but the kids had lots of fun and I am looking forward to the closing ceremony next Tuesday.

After basketball, we went to my mother house to help her out for a few hours. My mother has been ill for the last week and they are not sure what is wrong with her. She spent most of last Thursday in the emergency room having much difficulty breathing. They checked her from head to toe and can not find anything wrong with her. They know that something is not right because she still has difficulty breathing. With the varying temperature changes, she has been confined to the indoors and she does not like it at all.

Then it is on to baseball evaluations. (Went a lot smoother than I thought). All they had to do was a two minute drill and they were dismissed. Should hear something next week on what team he will be playing for. Practices start in two weeks and the season begins right after Easter.

Then I came home for a much needed nap and what happens?!!! There is more a than an abundance of noise going on at the Show Zone. All I heard for two hours was the revving of engines. More revving. More revving. MORE REVVING. I nearly lost my mind. AHHHH!

Finally the day ends with the annual Blue and Gold Banquet with Cub Scouts. The food was awesome!! The program was awesome as well. The boys had a wonderful time. I am still exhausted. Now it is 10 pm and I think that it is time for me to call it a night and say good night.

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